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Bison™ Women's 6ft 7" (2010mm) 15kg Bearing Bar


Bison™ Women's 6ft 9" 15kg Bearing Bar

At Wolverson we have tried and tested our bars, to reach an affordable but great quality place on the market, and are now proud to present our fantastic range of Bison™ Bars.

The Bison™ Women's 6ft 9" 15kg Bearing Bar is an update to the Bison™ Elite Women's 6ft 15kg Olympic WL Bar. Now with Needle Bearings (instead of bushings) to allow for a smoother, faster rotation.

With a slightly more aggressive knurling than our other bars, these are the CrossFitter’s dream, with no centre knurling and slightly ribbed sleeves, allowing for the best collar grip no matter whether you use spring or lock jaw collars.

"What a bar for the money......having visited Leisure Industry Week and seen a lot of what others had to offer this bar wins hands down."

"We call out the 'PR Bar'. Every time it's used, there's a PR achieved. This bar has helped me personally win the British Masters weightlifting title for M35 85kg and qualify for the European Masters Championships."


  • High strength alloy shaft (1200 lb capacity, 216,000 psi)
  • Overall Length – 6ft 7" / 2010mm
  • Total Weight - 15kg
  • Shaft Diameter - 25mm
  • Inner Collar Width - 30mm
  • Plate Loading Area - 310mm
  • Distance between Inner Collars – 130.5cm
  • Multi-interlocking design with Needle Bearing sleeves
  • Slightly Ribbed Sleeves for improved collar grip
  • Knurling - Dual spec deep fine knurling
  • No Centre Knurling
  • Surface - Manganese Phosphate (black) shaft, Chrome fine grooved sleeves
  • Self lubricating bushing
  • IWF knurling (medium)

2 Year Warranty when used on Correct Protective Flooring

Barbell Cleaning Schedule

Technical Barbell Guidelines


Why not buy it with 100kg or 150kg of Bison Black Bumper Plates?

And get Free Shut it and Lift Collars!