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Wolverson™ UK-Made Battling Ropes

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Wolverson™ Battling Ropes are only recommended for the following uses:
  • Tug of War
  • Rhythmic Resistance Exercise
  • Resistive exercise- Jumping
  • None shedding rope
  • Extra durable handles


  • The only made for purpose UK manufactured battling available today 
  • Centre “wear sleeve” to protect your rope and keep it in tip top condition for longer 
  • Super flexible construction method means a more dynamic training tool 
  • Now available in 32mm thickness but still weighing 12 kg! the perfect “all round Battling Rope” for both men and women!

Now Available in Rust and Black.

Our new Battling Rope design is the perfect addition to any session - our "secret recipe" allows for non-slipping, non-shredding... and no excuses!

Check the Video Tab for a great example of the Rope in use.