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Strongman Sandbags



Take your training to the next level with the Bison Strongman Sandbags, these are available in five sizes, with a max fill capacity of 30kg all the way to 70kg.

All strong bags are doubled stitched with a filter bag inside protected by a double stitched zip with the Bison closer strap  enclosing this to ensure no loss of sand through out your workouts.

These heavy-duty strongman bags have been designed to replace the traditional heavy D-Ball, as they can be emptied and refilled anywhere around the world making them more transportable.  

Key Features

  • Designed in the UK
  • 5 sizes available
  • Heavy Duty
  • Built-in filler Bag
  • Black with Bison on strap
  • Filling Material not included we recommend kiln dried sand