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Wolverson™ Dual MK.5 GHD/Reverse Hyper

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Dual MK.5 GHD/Reverse Hyper

We have made numerous improvements to the previous version of our GHD, increasing both the functionality and durability of the MK.5 GHD. 

Combining our GHD with a Reverse Hyper you can save space in your home gym or commercial facility with this 2 in 1 functionality. 

This allows you to perform reverse hyperextensions, rows, back and hip extensions, GHD sit-ups, and glute-ham raises on the same piece of equipment, with quick and easy adjustments for height and user comfort.

  • The GHD’s footprint has been slightly increased both in length and width to provide extra stability.
  • Our re-design has included a reverse hyper. 
  • Our roller pads now adjust both in height and longitude – this will provide the most comfort.


Key benefits of GHD work include the improved strengthening and stabilisation of key areas around the core midsection, including glutes, hamstrings and lower lumbar region. GHD's can also aid in promoting improved posture by strengthening the muscle groups associated with alignment, namely spinal erectors. Sedentary work lifestyles are all too often attributed to poor posture. And now with the added benefit of the Reverse Hyper for added spinal decompression and ore development benefits.


** Warranty - 5 year frames, 1 year on pins, 6 months on upholstery **