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Wolverson™ Glute Ham Developer

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Check out the new MK.4 GHD!

We have made numerous improvements to the previous version of our GHD, increasing both the functionality and durability of the MK.4 GHD.

  • The GHD’s footprint has been slightly increased both in length and width to provide extra stability.
  • Our re-designed roller pads are now positioned at an angle to increase users ability to lock in lower limbs when in use, aiding both good technique and comfort.
  • Our roller pads now adjust both in height and longitude – this will provide optimum positioning for all users.
  • Our new band pegs are also used as handles to allow easy positioning of the GHD around your facility.
  • As standard we have included an off-set weight spigot at the foot of the device. If you are using strong bands on the pegs or just are a heavy athlete then these can be invaluable.
  • We have also been working with our factory and are now using improved upholstery vinyl and internal foam to increase the life of the hardest working part of our GHD. In addition all locking mechanisms for the roller pads now use 2 replaceable metal pins to increase the life of the GHD.

Key benefits of GHD work include the improved strengthening and stabilisation of key areas around the core midsection, including glutes, hamstrings and lower lumbar region. GHD's can also aid in promoting improved posture by strengthening the muscle groups associated with alignment, namely spinal erectors. Sedentary work lifestyles are all too often attributed to poor posture.

These benefits are not solely confined to that of elite athletes and are transferrable across a range of end users and a range of capabilities.

You can do a wide range of exercises such as raises and GHD sit-ups to work many different parts of the lower torso and legs. GHD sit-ups are one of the most powerful form of the exercise achievable, helping to protect the entire midsection.


  • Total Length (max) - 231 cm
  • Total Width - 80 cm
  • Total Height (max) - 129 cm
  • From half-moon pads to feet pads (max) - 63 cm
  • Half-moon pad - 39 cm x 20 cm


** 5 Year Structural Warranty (Not Pads) **