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Wolverson 7ft 20kg Foundation Men's Bar

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Wolverson 7ft 20kg “Foundation” Men's Bar

With so many Olympic bars now available, where do you turn to make an informed purchase and get the best value for your money? The answer's simple - Trust Wolverson! 

7ft, 20kg Commercial Bar with a 2 Year Warranty? Yes!

No Centre Knurling and Dual IPF and IWF markings? Yes!

Needle Bearings? Yes!

Suitable for Power and Olympic Lifting? Yes!

Great Price? Only £175!

Best bar for the Money? You decide.......

Around a year ago we decided to source a bar that would be perfect to use for all Strength Training activities within a Gym or CrossFit Box and at a price that was achievable for aspiring Athletes, garage gym hero’s  and professional Gym owners.

The result is our “Foundation” Men's bar. A little stiffer than a strict Olympic Lifting bar, a little more flexible than a Power lifting bar, it's suitable for general use and is perfect for you to build a great “foundation” before deciding which strength camp you want to specialise in.

Also available with 150kg of our Bison™ Black Bumper Plates and a set of Spring Collars


  • High Strength Alloy Shaft (680kg Capacity / Tensile Strength: 199,000 PSI / Yield Strength:205,000 PSI)
  • Hard Chrome Finish
  • Length – 7ft.
  • Weight – 20kg.
  • Shaft Diameter – 28.2 mm.
  • Inner Collar Width – 8.5 cm.
  • Plate Loading Area – 40 cm.
  • Needle Bearings
  • Knurling - Official Olympic and Power Lifting markings with No Centre Knurling. 

*2 Year Commercial Warranty when used on Correct Protective Flooring*

Don't just take our word for it - Below is a full review of the bar from one of our independent testing team -Robert Walker – CrossFit Oswestry Affiliate owner, Olympic Weightlifting Coach and CrossFit Trainer. British Weightlifting Masters Champion and International Masters Athlete. 2016 Battle of Britain Qualifier Winner, and 2014 Battle of Beasts Finalist

Wolverson 7ft 20kg Foundation Men's Bar Review from Wolverson Fitness on Vimeo.


We have had this bar for approximately six months. During this time it has been the ‘go to’ mens bar during our CrossFit sessions. In fact, it’s also extremely popular in our Olympic Weightlifting sessions too.  During the CrossFit sessions, all bars are subject to a great deal of use in the 40-70kg range, with around one hundred drops each day. This bar is also regularly (daily) dropped from above the head with up to 100kg, and on occasions up to 120kg. Yet, the bar remains perfectly straight. 

Knurling and Finish

The knurling is extremely secure and the bar finished with a chrome coating. Even during the cold winter months, where our gym temperature is extremely low, there has been very little surface rust. Although what is present is easily removed with normal bar maintenance. Please note that we regularly remove excess chalk and clean the bars with oil. Dual IPF and IWF type markings ensure that athletes are confident when setting their grip before each lift. 


The sleeves rotate freely and are a very snug fit. There is very little to no movement other than rotation. 

Using the bar

The bar performs extremely well in static lifts and dynamic Olympic style lifts. It always feels secure in use due to the good knurling. Our athletes love using this bar for Olympic style movements in particular. It particularly excels at Snatches around 70kg and Clean and Jerk at 100kg. However, a  specialty Olympic weightlifting bar (like Wolverson’s Bison Elite) will provide more whip and sleeve rotation needed for heavier Olympic lifting. 


This bar has secure knurling, can withstand a lot of ‘abuse’, and performs well across dynamic and static lifts. It is therefore a very good ‘hybrid’ bar. i.e. it can be used for any type of lifting. It is therefore an excellent choice for CrossFit. If I could order 20 bars again for our CrossFit box, it would be these bars.

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