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Prapare for an All Out Assault with these Assault Air Bike Workouts!

Assault Air Bikes are now BACK IN STOCK at Wolverson Fitness – so we thought we’d share a few creative ideas for how to get the most out of them!

Whether you’re looking to pick up a bike for your home gym, or you’re looking for something to spice up the rotation at your Box, these workouts have some great new ideas to utilize this amazing piece of kit - Have fun!

Assault Base Line

A pretty straightforward program, this is good to start and establish a baseline – Simple, Not Easy!  


Assault Basketball

Mirroring the back-and-forth defensive and offensive play of a basket ball game, this workout is all about timing, rhythm, tempo, accuracy and efficient execution!


Tasks are performed in a continuous circuit every minute on the minute, athletes will rest if there is any time remaining within the one minute time allocation.

Defense (every minute on the minute):

20 Wall balls / 1min

20 Box jumps / 1min

20 Pull-ups / 1min

20cal Assault / 1min

Offense (every minute on the minute):

30 Jump rope / 1min

30 GHD / 1min

30 Push-ups / 1min

30 Walking lunges / 1min

4 Rounds for task completion!

 Assault Football

Football is a game of inches and seconds, and this strength and conditioning workout aims to make every one count!

The objective of the Assault Football Workout is to simulate 100% intensity and effort for 7-10 seconds, then 30 seconds to recover, and repeat, with the goal of conditioning an athlete to achieve a 30 second recovery period.

Four 15 minute quarters (quadrants):

Athlete completes 7 repetitions at full intensity (FI), followed by 30 seconds recovery, to be repeated for 15 minutes consecutively. Athletes then take a 3 minute break prior to the start of the 2nd and 4th quarters, and 15 minutes “active rest” (dynamic warm up and stretch) at the conclusion of the 2nd quarter:


7 Wall Balls #30/20 (FI)

30 sec recovery

7 Box Jumps #36/42 (FI)

30 sec recovery

7cal Assault Bike

Repeat as many rounds as possible for 15 minutes, then 3 minutes rest and proceed to next quarter


7 Deadlifts (1.5 x bodyweight)

30 sec recovery

7 Power cleans (.75 x bodyweight)

30sec recovery

7cal Assault Bike

Repeat as many rounds as possible for 15minutes, then 15 minutes rest and proceed to next quarter


7 Snatches (.5 x bodyweight)

30 sec recovery

7 Bench Press (bodyweight)

30 sec recovery

7cal Assault Bike

Repeat as many rounds as possible for 15minutes then 3 minutes rest and proceed to next quarter


7 Thrusters (.5 x body weight)

30 sec recovery

7 Burpee-pull-ups

30 sec recovery

7cal Assault Bike

As many rounds as possible for 15 minutes


Assault Health Club

This workout is designed to provide Personal Trainers and Coaches with a solid program, detailed training schedule, and accurate metrics to keep clients on their toes, all based around the Assault Air Bike - functional, simple, and effective with little to no reliance on additional equipment, and can be used for individuals or groups.

3 Rounds for Time (RFT)

10cal Assault Bike (standard)

10 Burpees

10cal Assault Bike (arms only)

10 Air squats

10cal Assault Bike (legs only)

10 Push-ups

10cal Assault Bike (standing out of saddle)

10 Sit-ups

10cal Assault Bike (reverse)

10 Pull-ups

10cal Assault Bike (standard)

10 Walking lunges (each leg)

Keep record of client times for 3 round completion, and track their progress!


We hope this gives you some good ideas for new ways to push yourself and your clients, and make the most of the Assault Air Bike! We’ll be bringing you more programmes in the future, so watch this space!


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