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Me Myself I and The Crossfit Open 2021

Me Myself I and The Crossfit Open 2021

This year will be my 2nd for the Cross-fit open on my personal CrossFit journey of 3 years.
Nigel Barber Adaptive Athlete
My reasons for doing The CrossFit Open?  Firstly it gives me the opportunity to push myself harder and further than I I possibly would/could in different circumstances, knowing that it is a ‘leader board’ event and wanting to better myself on my previous years attempt. What an absolute buzz!

The sheer inspiration that comes from the collective community gives me the drive to accomplish more and more.

This year’s event will be even more exciting as there is a new ‘adaptive’ athlete’s division, so now, having been given the opportunity to compete against like minded/bodied individuals with similar abilities makes it just that little bit more magical for me.

If you fancy taking part in the 3 weeks of the CrossFit Open 2021 then give it a go! It’s an enormously challenging 3 weeks which will push you just a little bit out of your ‘usual’ comfort zone to where the magic happens.
Nigel Barber Adaptive Athlete


If I can do The Open, why not you?


by Nigel Barber @wheelybydesign


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