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Functional Training = Functional For Life. Why you should be adding it to your Workout!

Functional Training = Functional For Life. Why you should be adding it to your Workout!

Functional Training = Functional For Life. Why you should be adding it to your Workout!

Most people look at training as a way to lose weight, gain muscle, get faster or get stronger. However, the most basic reason for training is quite often overlooked. Everyday activities such as walking up and down the stairs, standing up from a chair, bending to tie your shoes, all rely on functional training allowing us to move with purpose.  

Functional training works movements that will help you stabilize and strengthen your core.

Still not sold on functional training? Here are some reasons why you should be adding it to your training: 

Core strength.

Who doesn’t want a strong core? Engaging your core increases your stability, helps with back pain and improves your posture. The simplest of core strengthening exercises is everybody’s favourite - the plank. When done properly the plank will work your arms, legs, glutes and core. Make sure when you are in a plank position, you engage your core and core, to prevent unnecessary tension on your lower back. Want to try something a bit more adventurous, give a Turkish Get Up a go. Core strength and stabilisation are key for this. If in doubt, squeeze everything!!

Reduces the risk of injury. 

Think of a chip in your windscreen, once you get a chip it then starts to fracture out and cause a bigger problem. Your core is that chip, its the strongest and most integral part of the system, if your core is weak or isn’t functioning correctly problems in the form of injuries will start to appear elsewhere. By stopping the core from chipping, you’ll reduce your risk of injury. Squats are a great compound exercise to use for this.

Helps with back pain.

Back pain is one of the most common issues seen within the general population and the cause is rarely just the back. The majority of back pain stems from the back taking on extra strain when the core isn’t stable or is lacking strength. The magic combo of strength and stability in your hips and core will work towards easing back pain. Glute bridges and bird dogs are great exercises to add to warm-ups and mix in some Kettlebell swings in your workout and you will be on your way to healthy back in no time! 

Think about what functional movements you make in your daily routine and have fun adding exercises into workouts that will benefit you and keep you functional for life!

Let us know how you get on and tag us in any workouts!

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