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Important notice: due to the extremely high volume of orders please allow up to 10 - 15 working days for dispatch. Click here to see full details for COVID-19 delivery status.
Important notice: due to the extremely high volume of orders please allow up to 10 - 15 working days for dispatch. Click here to see full details for COVID-19 delivery status.

The Best Home Gym Equipment

Build a home gym with Wolverson Fitness

Wolverson Fitness Home Gym Equipment

Are you sick of doing the same home workouts day in, day out, with limited equipment?

Would having your own home gym – filled with your favourite essentials – be the boost you need to enjoy training again?

Of course, it would. But building your own gym isn’t for the weak.

You need to be dedicated; there’s no point investing if you aren’t going to take advantage.

Having your home gym not only eliminates the commute to a commercial space but cuts out that monthly membership commitment AND gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Blast those tunes, take your time on each set, perfect your form.

Oh, and the obvious one – stay home and stay safe #covid19.

The only downsides to your own home gym are maintaining/repairing the equipment and finding the motivation to work out. 

But if you’re serious about training, then that won’t stop you.

If that’s you, then here’s what you’ll need to get started…

  • Barbell
  • Weight Plates
  • Collars
  • Floor Tiles
  • Rig or Rack with pull-up bar and dipping station
  • Kettlebells
  • Dumbbells
  • Cardio Equipment, such as an Assault Bike, if you wish

Things like wall balls, plyo boxes and lifting platforms can all be added later as you begin to build up your perfect training space.

Wolverson Fitness Home Gym Equipment

Essentials for your home gym


As you’ll know, the barbell is a crucial part of your workouts.

So much so that you might even have one already. If not, now is the time to invest.

With everything from overhead press to Romanian deadlifts, the barbell is a multi-use staple that you need in your home gym.

However, one size does not fit all, so you need to know the different kinds of barbells available.

This video will help to find the right barbell for you – click to play. 

The barbells at Wolverson Fitness are available in both 15kg and 20kg, built to last and have free shipping included. Below is our full range:

  • Ultra Bar - A customer favourite for CrossFitters and Olympic Lifting
  • Foundation Bar - The all-rounder, general use bar for all of your big lifts
  • SB Bar - A stainless steel weightlifting bar that will last you a lifetime
  • Chrome Foundation Bar - Chrome version of our best-selling Foundation Bar
Wolverson Fitness Barbell

Weight Plates

To pair with your barbell, you’re going to want to add weights (plus collars to stop the plates from sliding off mid-lift!).

Whether you’re lifting heavy or starting slow, at Wolverson Fitness, we recommend opting for 100KG to 150kg of the Bison Bumper Plates for a home gym.

You can buy these in pairs from 5KG upwards. The full catalogue of Weight Plates is here.

Bison Hi-Impact Bumper PlatesWolverson Hybrid Bumper Plates

Squat Rack

Never skip leg day again with your very own Squat Rack in your home gym.

Ideally, you want it to include a pull-up bar and dipping station attachment, so you’re not limiting your exercises, but that’s entirely your choice.

Depending on your space at home will depend on which rack you go for, but some of the most popular choices at Wolverson Fitness are:

  • Bison Series Mobile Squat Stand
  • Bison Series Folding Rack - space saving folding rack, perfect for home gyms
  • Wolverson Quarter Rack
  • Wolverson Full Rack
  • Wolverson Half Rack
  • Bison Series Wall Mounted Rigs
Bison Series Folding Rack

Weight Bench

When it comes to your seated isolation exercises and dumbbell presses, incline and flat barbell presses or seated shoulder presses, you’re going to need something to sit on…

Having a padded, adjustable bench with wheels will elevate your workouts by providing the right support for your posture and form.

It’s also important to consider the quality of the bench you’re buying, as cheaper alternatives are common to have bolts come loose, the wheels to be misaligned, and the covering to rip, which you want to avoid at all costs.

Introducing the Adjustable Weight Bench into your home gym will give you the flexibility to train however you want to, as it’s so versatile and easy-to-use.

If you add dumbbells and kettlebells into your workouts, too, you’re able to all sorts of pressing and rowing exercises. It’s a game-changer!

Or, if you prefer to stick with just a barbell bench press, then the Flat Bench is your new best friend.

Wolverson Fitness Home Gym Equipment

Gym Flooring

Having this equipment is all well and good, but to protect this and your flooring, you’ll want to add mats to your basket too.

Whether your home gym is in the garage or a spare room, you don’t want to ruin your training session by damaging something…

By measuring out your space, you can quickly calculate how many 1m x 1m rubber floor gym tiles you need to protect your home and equipment, which you can purchase here.

Conclusion: Your Home Gym 🏠 💪

Having your own home gym is easier said than done, but with Wolverson Fitness, it will feel like an effortless investment, especially with the help of our Online Gym Builder Tool to plan your space exactly how you want it.

Our team of experts will work with you to guarantee you get the best equipment at the best price for the best training sessions.

So, what are you waiting for? Get building your perfect home gym today.

For more information, call us on 01922 618 780 or start a conversation in our live chat.

Online Gym Builder Tool 🛠 💪

Competition Kettlebells

If you're planning on kitting our your entire home gym from scratch you can use our Gym Builder tool to help you bring your dream training space to life before you purchase the equipment.

The Wolverson Gym Builder has been designed to help you visualise and make the best use of the training space you have available. 


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